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Issues surrounding family law can be emotionally contentious and often feel overwhelming. It is important to seek help from understanding legal counsel who can help guide you to a successful resolution. At The Applegate Firm, PLLC, our attorneys handle divorce and other family legal matters. You can rely on us to help shoulder your burden as you begin a new chapter in your life. To schedule a free initial consultation, call our law offices in Maumelle at 501-588-0999.

Experienced Help With All Family Legal Matters

Our lawyers handle a wide range of family law issues, including:

Divorce: The divorce process is stressful and emotionally trying for all involved parties. We understand this and are sensitive to each client's situation. We represent people in uncontested divorce matters, where major issues such as property division and child custody are not in dispute, as well as contested divorce cases. We are committed to providing you with the personalized representation you need to help you through this difficult transition.

Paternity, custody, visitation and child support: Child custody, visitation and child support decisions must be made as part of the divorce process, as well as for non-married parents. We represent both mothers and fathers in paternity matters. We firmly believe in parental rights, and will work hard to ensure that those rights are established and upheld.

Divorce modifications: In order to modify a court order for alimony, custody, visitation and/or child support, you must be able to prove that there has been a material change in circumstances warranting the modification. Whether a change is "material" can be difficult to determine. It is important to have an experienced attorney evaluate your case to determine whether there are sufficient grounds to seek a modification. We can represent you whether you are seeking a modification or are arguing against a modification.

Guardianships: In general, there are two types of situations where a guardianship may be established. The first is for minors who have parents who are not acting in the minor's best interests. The second is for adults who are mentally or physically incapacitated, and who are incapable of making medical or financial decisions on their own. We can help you establish a guardianship to protect your loved ones.

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