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Estate & Trust Litigation Attorneys in Maumelle, Arkansas

Reducing the Strain of Estate and Trust Litigation

Few people enjoy going to court, and even fewer people enjoy going to court to settle disputes between family members. When money or property is involved in a family dispute, tact and experience are necessary to resolve the matter efficiently and without further damaging the relationships between parties.

For nearly a decade, The Applegate Firm PLLC has helped central Arkansas residents resolve litigation matters across a broad spectrum, from commercial lawsuit defense to legal malpractice action. Our success in achieving our clients’ litigation goals stems from personalized attention to each clients’ needs and dedication to preparing thoroughly for each case.

Finding the Right Solutions for Estate & Trust Disputes

Beneficiaries should have a reasonable expectation that an estate or trust they are named in has been created properly and will be executed fairly. When the validity of an estate document is called into question, or the actions of a trustee seem contradictory to the trust’s terms, it is imperative that the disputes be resolved through the proper legal channels.

We can represent beneficiaries in estate litigation matters for an array of reasons, including:

  • Reviewing the legal enforceability of a will

  • Arguing an individual’s undue influence on the testator during estate planning

  • Addressing vague language or administering unspecified assets

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Trusts, while an excellent estate planning device, pose their own challenges during administration. Ambiguous language in the terms of a trust may leave its distribution open to interpretation, allowing beneficiaries to challenge their inheritance or even the inclusion of other beneficiaries. If a trust is mishandled or the trustee has breached their fiduciary duty, pursuing legal action may correct the misdeeds and hold the liable party responsible.

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