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Business Litigation Attorneys in Maumelle, Arkansas

Proven Representation in Business Litigation Matters

When a commercial matter requires litigation, you may have to put your whole business on hold in order to handle it. Whether you need defense against litigation or you’re bringing a suit against another party, a prompt resolution can save you expenses and let you return your focus to operating your business.

Achieving Your Commercial Litigation Goals

Litigation goals are achieved through extensive preparation. In your initial consultation, we will work with you to foster a close understanding of the legal matter your business is facing. We have assisted many companies across Arkansas in a wide array of legal disputes.

Employer-employee disputes – The relationships between employers and their workers can become strained easily when disputes arise. Arkansas has strict regulations on hours and wages. When workers feel they have been wronged, business owners need strong representation with knowledge of the state’s employment compensation laws.

Business-contractor disputes – There is a reasonable expectation that, when a business hires a contractor, the contractor will complete the work correctly, on time, and within the specified budget. An experienced business law attorney can help you hold third parties responsible for their contracts.

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Partnership disputes – Differences in leadership style or commercial vision can lead to disagreements between partners that require splitting or dissolving the business. Whether you are seeking full ownership of the business or looking to walk away with your fair share, make sure that you fully understand how your decision can affect your business and your assets.

Company property disputes – Copyright infringement and matters of intellectual property, including trade secrets and dress, can impact your business in myriad negative ways. These matters require precision and close knowledge of business law to resolve efficiently, whether your copyright has been infringed or another party is accusing you of copying their ideas.

Other common disputes – Our experience in business litigation and proven knowledge of commercial law have helped countless businesses throughout central Arkansas. We can represent you and your business in cases involving breaches of fiduciary duty, insurance claims, regulatory investigations, and large-scale transactions.

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