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High-Asset Divorce Attorneys in Maumelle, Arkansas

Help With High-Asset Divorce Proceedings

Divorces are hard enough to face as is, but incorporating the division of complex assets can turn the maze of divorce into a labyrinth. An experienced attorney can help you reach the other side of your divorce efficiently.

Working for an Accurate Asset Distribution

When facing a divorce, both parties want to protect the assets that are rightfully theirs. The process of extricating your assets from your former partner requires extensive identification and evaluation before anything can be divvied up. An exhaustive inventory of your combined assets can go wrong quickly without a trained eye overseeing or facilitating the process.

In some cases, a spouse may fail to disclose assets, either unintentionally or intentionally to avoid losing full ownership. In particular, business owners or professional practice partners may be able to manipulate income streams to prevent discovery. In these instances, the help of a forensic accountant may be necessary to properly assess the scope of an individual’s assets.

It is critical that this is done properly the first time, as property settlements are rarely modified after a final order has been entered. While it may be possible in cases involving actual fraud by a spouse, the investigation and litigation necessary to be successful can often be prohibitively expensive, and it is far more efficient to resolve these issues during the divorce.

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What Property Constitutes High Assets?

“High asset” can refer to a broad spectrum of properties. Houses and real estate properties are commonly considered complex assets because of their inability to be divided evenly without liquidation. Other complex assets can include:

  • Delayed-benefit assets, such as retirement funds or pensions

  • Business ownership, retirement accounts, and commercial investments

  • Complex investments

  • Estate-related benefits, including trusts

Assets that require liquidation, investigation, or future distribution agreements may be considered high assets.

Our attorney has experience working with complex asset divisions and can bring in a network of forensic accountants, appraisers, business valuation experts, and mediators to assist you during this complex process.

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Ryan J. and Kayla Applegate have been helping Arkansas families address their unique property division needs for nearly a decade. Call The Applegate Firm PLLC, in Maumelle, or use our online form to get in contact. In your free initial consultation, we will listen to your needs and begin creating a plan to help you navigate your divorce.