Representation For Legal Malpractice Claims

If you're hiring an attorney, it is reasonable to expect him or her to perform his or her duties competently and ethically. When lawyers and their clients collide, legal malpractice claims are often the end result.

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Harmed By Incompetent Legal Counsel?

The expectation placed upon a lawyer when he or she agrees to represent a client is that he or she is competent to practice in that area of the law. Unfortunately, some attorneys may agree to represent clients in a legal area that they have little to no experience in. Others may simply fail to carry out the duties expected of them as officers of the court. If you have been harmed by incompetent legal counsel, it may be possible to pursue a malpractice claim.

It is important to remember that some form of actual harm must have occurred. Just because you may disagree with a court's ruling or you felt that your lawyer didn't do enough for you is not enough to sustain a malpractice claim. A financial loss, an adverse ruling due to a missed deadline or other forms of negligence are required to prevail in a malpractice suit. We can let you know whether you have a strong case.

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